Amazing Small Kitchen Decorating Tricks

Amazing Small Kitchen Decorating Tricks

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You can transform your small kitchen by decorating it aesthetically. A small kitchen can feel cramped and cluttered just by having the necessary elements and equipment in it. You don’t want to add to this effect but make the room appear busier. Check out these four little kitchen decorating tips to help you achieve a fun, workable kitchen area.

Front Glass Cabinet

Adding glass to the front of your cabinets is one simple small kitchen decorating trick. This makes the room more attractive, and the glass will help reflect more light around the room.

While it’s not good to fit too many patterns into the room, it might be helpful to have some kind of design in the glass. This will hide items behind glass, but still allow additional light into the room. Just don’t go too crazy with the design. Something with a long line to make the cabinet appear taller is best.

You may also want to think about removing part of the door completely. This may be an easy way to add interest and decor to a room without spending money. Choose a cabinet that is not cluttered with items or that can easily be turned into a display rather than storage space.

Add Depth

Adding depth to a room can completely turn it into a space that appears larger. To do this, you can simply paint one wall a different or more striking color than the other.

For this little decorating tip, keep in mind that you don’t want it to be too dark as that will make the room appear smaller. Also, paint the walls further into the room to grab your attention.

Think Big and Small

When thinking about decorating your small kitchen, you might try to keep things as small and compact as possible. While this is a good general idea, it’s also best to mix elements large and small. This will make the room look less like a big box of cupboards with micro-sized appliances.

Your closet is already large, so some small utensils are fine but a large pot rack or wall wire rack can help balance it out. Smaller hooks or baskets with cooking utensils can tie the whole look together. Remember that small decorations do not necessarily mean that all the elements are small.

Don’t Combine Fridge

Many people use their refrigerator to show off their child’s picture or to post pictures. This is not a great idea with small kitchen decorations. It might be fun to show off these items, but they make your kitchen look even more cluttered and frantic. Keep the front of the fridge clean or with minimal items attached. This will once again make the room look slimmer.

Small kitchen decor doesn’t have to be expensive or ugly. You can have an inexpensive, workable kitchen without sacrificing aesthetics. Keep these tips in mind when you shop for your next small decorating task.

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