Bedroom Feng Shui - 8 Important Considerations

Bedroom Feng Shui – 8 Important Considerations

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1). Color and design are very important

Paint the bedroom in calm and soothing colors. A great color choice for a bedroom is skin tones: yellow, brown, taupe, pink, or cream.

Avoid blue or dark ceilings, wallpaper with plants or flowers (a feng-shui no-no for the bedroom), actual plants or flowers in the bedroom, or water elements, such as fish, lakes, or water.

2). The bed is the place to be

Make sure the bed is in the widest part of the room and the bedroom door is visible from the bed. This is an important feng shui element. The placement of the bed is very important especially if the bed is placed on the same wall as the bedroom door. This will bring serious disagreement to the couple.

The bed should also not face the bathroom, view the toilet, share the same wall as the toilet, or be directly opposite the door. It is also better if the bed does not face a cupboard or bookshelf.

Also, make sure to give yourself some support. A bed that has the head of the bed to the window provides a bit of support. If this is the best (or only) position for the bed, place a wooden divider between the bed and the window to mimic a wall or hang heavy curtains that can be closed at night.

A headboard is best if it is sturdy. Iron bars can cause headaches and a lack of support. Lastly, don’t go out without making your bed. Really, now, how hard is it to make the bed?

3). Take a look

Have a ceiling fan that spins above your bed? Many of us do. It can cool you down … literally and romantically. The ceiling fan above the bed disrupts your body’s chi (energy) – and your romantic chi.

You might also avoid turning on the fan for a week and seeing what happens … who knows? If you’re trying to get pregnant, turn off the fans completely.

4). look down

If there is trash piled up under the bed, get rid of it. Save soft items such as winter clothes, blankets, or pillows, if necessary. Ensure that there are absolutely no dangerous items such as guns, knives, or other hard instruments under the bed. It harms your health, your romance, and your sleep.

5). Remove reflection

Mirrors and televisions shouldn’t be in the bedroom – or any other reflective surface. This creates annoying chi in the bedroom that interferes with sleep – or causes divorce.

6). Decorate sparingly

It is important to properly decorate the room. Take a look at all the elements here for more ideas on decorations to suit your romantic retreat.

Remove all plants, flowers, and water features from the bedroom. Water and plants can drown the energy in the bedroom. Even images featuring water, ice, or snow are poor bedroom decor options.

Flowers put out too much manly energy (that is), also making a bad choice for a quiet bedroom. Dried flowers must be discarded because they are dead energy. Seeing or hearing water from the bed (bathroom view, perhaps?) Can cause financial problems and sinus / respiratory problems.

7). Delete the work object

This could be a treadmill or other exercise equipment, a desk, a computer, a bookcase filled with work-related books, or an object that reminds one of you of something to do.

8). Keep it clean

The bedroom is a place where you can recover after a tiring day. It should be clean and tidy. Make sure it is cleaned regularly, or you can expect health or financial problems. This also includes the wardrobes in your bedroom. Make sure everything is neat and that you can find what you are looking for quickly.

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