Brighten Your Outdoor Decor in Winter

Brighten Your Outdoor Decor in Winter

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When the holidays are almost over and we start removing all those festive decorations and lights, things can seem a little tedious, leading us to look for ways to recapture the life around us.

The first thing to do to revive our senses is to open all the curtains and blinds to let as much light into our homes as possible. Sunlight alone can have a mood-boosting effect.

But then we look out the window and find that many of the sensual experiences of our landscape are missing this time of year. Winter is evident throughout our outdoor environment.

Empty branches remain all over but our spruce, our lawn has faded to a pale straw color and most of the other colors have faded from our landscape.

Now, I am a nature lover, and I know that we should enjoy the graceful display of leafless tree branches and every season has its beauty, but I just miss the color!

Winter flowers

Of course there are some flowers that can withstand winter temperatures; like pansies, which seem to return your smile even through a blanket of snow, or ornamental kale for some color and texture in your bed. But let’s face it; unless you live in a tropical climate, the color options for your winter landscape are quite limited.

Another option for brightening the landscape

Luckily, there are other options for brightening up your landscape that you may not find in a nursery or home improvement store. I recently came across some very creative craftsmen who design and craft (by hand) glass wind chimes in a stunning array of colors and designs that add new elements to patio and garden decor.

Glass wind chimes, you ask? Ah yes, but more than wind chimes, it’s like art glass for your patio or garden. We’ve hung one right outside our living room window for a burst of color as we look outside across the now barren tree line.

Now, you probably have wind chimes hanging in your yard or on your porch now, some of them even with a hint of color, but these chimes are pure color in frosted glass and glowing glass designed to be hung outdoors.

When I say glowing, I mean they literally light up when the sun hits them! They are like having wind chimes and sun catchers all wrapped up in one!

There are even floral designs that look like beautiful flowers. I thought they might take me until those spring blossoms returned to our landscape.

If you’re wondering how you will brighten up your surroundings once the holiday decorations have taken down, this is one idea that may delight the senses. And when the warm spring breezes return, they will continue to bring sound, color and light to the life around you.

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