Charming Christmas Decoration Ideas

Charming Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Are you looking for Christmas decorations that look festive and unique, but don’t cost a fortune or spend hours creating and installing? Below are some charming Christmas decoration ideas that will save you money and time.

Holiday Wreaths

One quick tip is to hang holiday wreaths everywhere. Put it in all the front doors and windows you have. Use the original if you can, for that aromatic Christmas holiday scent. If you want to be artificial, you can still get the visual effects you want and save money in the long run.

Christmas Shapes Painting

Another idea is to paint Christmas shapes with a sponge on your window. Make stars, ornaments, or anything else you can think of. Add a teaspoon of dish detergent to the acrylic paint so it comes out easily when the time is down. It is a fun Christmas decoration and the kids will be happy to help you.

Christmas Clay Ornaments

Buy clay and paint, and make some ornaments with your kids. This will save you money, give you a special bonding time with them, and add a touch of old world charm to your tree.

Christmas bow

Add arcs to everything. Add it to your staircase, doorway, plants or wreath, for an instant impression. These Christmas decorations look festive, and you can keep them for years and reuse them to save money.

Christmas candles

Light a candle. Aromatic candles are great Christmas decorations, and they are cheap. You can buy tea light candles at your local dollar store, put them in the jars you have around the house, add some ribbons, and poof – you’ve got some awesome Christmas decorations!

Christmas Wreath

Make a wreath from scraps of felt. Cut out Christmas shapes, tie them with ribbons or string, and hang your new Christmas decorations all over the house.

Creative Touch

Take your photo, wrap it like a gift, and put it back on. You can do this throughout the house, or only in the entrance hall. Fill a pretty basket with candy canes, and place it on the table in the entrance room.

Make a garland with tied candy, and accessible scissors. It’s not only a festive, but also a fun and cheap Christmas decoration. Stack the pinecones in a bow in a basket. Decorate your door with gift wrap and ribbons and make it look like a gift.

Start a collection of Christmas decorations. This will not only start a fun holiday tradition in your family, but will help you save money in the long run.

Remember, you don’t need to buy decorations for your home this Christmas season – you can sew or make your own unique decorations or with family help.

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