Christmas Decorating Ideas for Inside and Outside Your Home

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Inside and Outside Your Home

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There’s a chill in the air and it’s time for you to light the fireplace, have a cup of hot chocolate, and come up with some great Christmas decorating ideas. So play some happy holiday music from your favorite Christmas album and let’s get started. So where do you start?

When people look at the outside of your home first, you may want to start there and work your way up to your home or alternatively, you can work from the inside out – no matter which direction you choose, getting the job done is the most important thing.

Installing roof decorations

Outside your home, if you put a roof decoration like Santa Claus on his sled, a waving Santa, or maybe a flaming animated reindeer, start there first. It is best to install these before stringing your Christmas lights.

And don’t forget that if you plan to install a large number of decorations, you don’t need to finish them all in one day. Don’t tire yourself out.

Hanging lights

The next thing to do is hang your lights; ice lamps are very popular and will look beautiful in your home. When the lamp is in place, remember to cover the ends with tape to prevent moisture from entering.

Once the Christmas lights are on, you will be ready to start in the trees or shrubs in your front garden. The clean light makes decorating small to medium sized bushes super easy plus cool to touch LED lighting is great in the trees.


If you have taller evergreen trees, they can be decorated as you would any indoor tree, including gift boxes that are lit under the tree.

Once the trees and shrubs have been created, customize each display in your section of the garden. As you proceed, check frequently for the unlit bulb. You don’t really want everything plugged in and then need to start looking for damaged or burned out bulbs.

Straighten your path with lollipop decorations or candy canes (especially if you want a gingerbread house theme). Place the poinsettias near your front door and don’t neglect decorating the mailbox with a Christmas lid.

Decorate the coat

Indoors, you can decorate your coat with a wreath of fresh or artificial branches, after which, if you want a traditional look and feel, you can weave miniature lights all over the wreath. On the other hand, if you prefer a Victorian or rustic Christmas, a string of cranberry beads can be looped to show a small circle hanging from the top of the mantle.

Next, organize your Christmas village; if you don’t already have the collection, it’s time to start building it. They provide a quirky nostalgia and are also a lot of fun to organize. The illuminated models are great with all kinds of themes.

If you want total holiday decor in the interior of your home, remember to replace your rugs with holiday rugs or perhaps one that has Christmas decorations. Although, there are tons of Christmas decoration ideas to choose from, the real key to success is taking the time to plan them properly.

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