Fun and Affordable Christmas Decorating Ideas

Fun and Affordable Christmas Decorating Ideas

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The Christmas season is here, and you will find the whole family busy cleaning and decorating their homes and offices. Decorations during this period remind us of Christmas wreaths, Christmas trees, Christmas candles, Santa Claus and much more.

They are endless fun and are definitely a visual treat for everyone! Here are some decorating ideas that will spruce up the most of your home, without breaking the bank.

Dress up the tree

It is true that Christmas will never be complete without a Christmas tree. Whether you have a six-foot tall green pine tree or a two-foot high winter wonderland, getting a tree is necessary during this lovely season. In addition, make sure it is very fresh, bright in color and also needs to smell good. However, it’s important to choose the right tree, because you don’t want your living room to be too crowded.

When it comes to decor, you can choose a color scheme like red, green, silver or gold or, you can go crazy and have a tree with a mix of all bright yet calming colors. The first step when decorating your tree is to install lights on your tree, followed by a wreath and finally a decoration to your convenience.

Another creative and affordable way to turn seasonal symbols into festive wall art is to create an ornamental tree. If in case your house is too small or you want to try something unique, make a tree from the craft wire section, then make an S-shaped ornament holder and hang a ball ornament on the tree. Make sure the balls are colored according to your preferences. To spice things up a little, add some sparkling stars on top.

Season the Mistletoe

We usually find people hanging mistletoe in their doorway. But did you know that there are a few other ways you can create a classic and fresh look in your home without having to bother? Well, just try this idea and you will be amazed by the results. Stretch the clean white rope over the doorway and clip the mistletoe to the rope with wooden clothespins. For some extravagant variety, paint clothespins in some festive Christmas colors!

Place a Christmas greeting board on the wall

Now it’s very creative! Instead of keeping your Christmas card in the corner of your house, try turning it into a work of art. Just wrap the bulletin board in the batting and cover it with an attractive cloth. With the help of the vanishing ink fabric marker, draw a snowflake design in the center of the board.

Pin a ribbon along the lines of the snowflake and cover the tacks with bright colored buttons. You can use hot glue gun to attach the buttons properly. Lastly, put down your greeting card and you will be happy to see the results.

Door wrapped in ribbon

Children will love to enter their home from a door wrapped in ribbon. You can use large ribbons to make a bow on each door and in the end just add a gift tag with a festive greeting.

All of the Christmas gift ideas above are simple, easy, fun and affordable. You will enjoy every decoration of your lovely home during this wonderful Christmas season.

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