Homemade Christmas Decorations

Homemade Christmas Decorations

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Many people love to shop for beautiful and unusual Christmas decorations. However, homemade Christmas decorations can be lots of fun to make. It’s also a great way to keep your kids busy for Christmas.

Making decorations with your kids is a great way to spend time together and bring back the Christmas joy of your own childhood. Your children will also be delighted by the prospect of decorating their own home, especially after they have helped decorate their classroom for Christmas.

A simple tree decoration made of pine cones glued together and hung with ribbons is a good example of a stylish decor for all tastes, but it’s also quite easy for kids to make. A little more difficult, but just as fun are the little pinch fairies, the snowman, and Santa.

You can still find vintage wooden clothespins at craft and hardware stores. Buy a few packs and before you know it you’ll have a nativity scene, a choir of angels, and some Santa Clauses made.

Christmas trees, stars, and stockings made of felt have a distinct self-woven charm, look great on trees, and are very easy to make.

While older kids will sew around the edges with a cheerful, contrasting thread, younger kids can glue the shapes and decorate them with glitter glue.

If you want to keep your kids quiet for hours, have them make snowman pompoms, which have a great kitsch appeal.

You can buy pompom and wool kits in a variety of colors at most craft stores. All your child needs to do is make fluffy balls of different sizes.

When you’re done with balls, glue three pompoms of decreasing size together to form a little snowman, and dress them with felt accessories. For a cute finishing touch, knit a little scarf and a bobble hat, if you’re good at it.

Ethereal tissue paper snowflakes would be a perfect decoration for a children’s bedroom window. Just cut a few sheets of white tissue paper into squares. Then fold each one in half to make triangles, and repeat to make other, smaller triangles.

With the long edge down, fold the left edge to the center, then fold the right edge in the same way to make a tall narrow triangle with two tails, which must be cut. Finally, start working with scissors and cut the sides of the triangles. Open the tissue paper carefully to see the beautiful snowflakes.

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