Modern Bathtub Styles For Every Individual

Modern Bathtub Styles For Every Individual

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Great weather finally and everyone out and more than during winter. For some reason, once the weather warms up, cleaning, renovating, and decorating starts with gusto.

If the bathroom is marked for change, you may be looking for a modern bathtub style. Even tweaking this one element in your home can make a big difference to the look and feel of your bathroom.

Bathtub Style Choices

In today’s bathroom design market, you can choose a modern bathtub style. You can look contemporary or stay within the boundaries of traditional styles. Everything is up to you. Below is a short list of bathtub styles to consider when renovating your bathroom. It’s hardly broad but may offer a general look at what’s out there.

Circular bathtub

The modern circular bath style is a contemporary favorite. Sometimes freestanding circular tubs, sometimes drop-ins, come in a variety of styles and styles. You can also find Japanese-style round baths (discussed further below) as well as more traditional tubs.

Round bathtubs usually have a fairly modern appearance and may take up a lot of space. If you run out of space, this isn’t always the best option. However, the round bath offers sharp, minimal edges for the right size bathroom.

Traditional tub

Traditional tubs with a modern twist are common nowadays. Modern bathtub styles are like using old favorites as inspiration, including clawfoot tubs, plinth tubs, and slipper tubs.

These modern traditional styles are generally cleaner around the edges with less embellishment and are usually made from more modern materials like acrylic or even glass. If you like to mix old with new or want a traditional touch in a very contemporary bathroom, this is the tub style for you.

Japanese bathtub

Japanese bathtubs are a popular bathtub. They are tall and deep and work in any size bathroom. Some are round and some are rectangular, but whether part of the modern bath style or not, Japanese bathtubs are designed for actual bathing. As with most bathtubs today, you can choose a material. For a clean and modern look, acrylic is probably your best bet.

If you only have room for a more standard type of bathtub, you can still find modern bathtub styles. If you need to get really simple and standard, companies like Kohler have clean layered baths that will complement most bathrooms. Look for a tub that is clean white with straight lines for a modern look.

No matter the size or shape of your bathroom or the extent of your bathroom renovation, the style and choice of modern bathtubs will not disappoint. The new bathtub can enhance the overall look of your bathroom. Browse online to see at a glance what is available or visit your local design fair or home improvement center for a closer look at current bathtubs.

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