Warm and Cozy Bedroom in Winter

Warm and Cozy Bedroom in Winter

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It may be cold outside but inside you want it to be warm and cozy, what works in summer, can make the bedroom feel a touch on the cool side. Turning your home from summer life to winter hibernation zone is easy and affordable. The best place to start is with bedroom furniture.

Now don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to replace all of your bedroom furniture with dark wood or to hide the shine in the wardrobes, it’s about customizing your furniture and decor to suit the season. Plus it can be done in a frugal way and dare to say it, in an economical way.

One of the first places to start is with bed linen, in summer crisp whites and pastels help give the impression of a cool space, where you can escape the hot sun and relax on clean sheets.

In winter, the last thing anyone wants is this feeling, winter is all about feeling warm and cozy, your bedroom should be a place where you can curl up and ignore the cold weather outside.

The ideal colors for the bedroom in winter are deep fall colors like plums and purples, if you are not sure about this strong hue, you can also choose rich taupe and warm beig.

Imagine the cookies coming out of the hot oven and you will see that the neutral colors need not be boring, they can be rich and inviting and can give depth to a cool interior.

Once you have chosen the right bed sheet, the next area to focus on is texture, the touch of velvet and quilted will add much needed comfort and warmth to the bedroom.

The gentler they were to the touch, the more they felt at home, making the cold day fade away. Even the hard surfaces of wardrobes and other bedroom furniture will be softened with the addition of this luxurious soft furniture.

If you have a hard floor in your bedroom rather than a carpet, think about placing a rug on either side of your bed, this will be the most welcome feeling in your feet, much better than a cold hard floor.

A few simple changes can turn your summer bedroom into a winter paradise; all it takes is a few accessories and slightly adjusts the color of your room.

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